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If you want to get a job in Bulgaria but are not sure how then you are in the right place. Show energy and commitment during the recruitment process and get yourself armed with the right tools. After all, it is possible to find a dream job in Bulgaria. But it is important to plan it all thoroughly.

1. How to get a job in Bulgaria? It all starts with your resume or CV

All of us have done this at least once. Writing an engaging and eye-catching CV is not rocket science. You have only one chance to get noticed so make the most out of it. Layout and content are key. You want to highlight your relevant experience and skills starting with the most recent one. There are plenty of online resources however, I would recommend using Europass, the official EU website. It is quick and easy to use, there is a choice of three different templates with up to 19 typical sections to pick from. The two most popular remain “Work experience” and “Education and training”.

2. Use the tools that are available to you

LinkedIn is the professionals’ social network. It is a great place for you to connect with current and former colleagues and as you progress through your career your list of contacts would grow. Always keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, flag any professional qualifications, and relevant skills. Do not forget to set your job alerts for Bulgaria. This way LinkedIn will keep you posted with new job vacancies in Bulgaria when those match your search criteria. From personal experience, I was receiving about 25 jobs weekly, with the majority of them based in Sofia, and 8 out of 10 were advertised in English.

Bulgaria Job Alert

3. Job search for foreigners

Where do you start your job search? is a popular website to start your search. There is also a mobile app you can download from Google Play and Apple App Store. No registration is required for a simple search query and both the website and app are also available in English. The key filters to use for a job search would be the languages and the location.

In the last 10 years, Bulgaria has turned into an outsourcing destination for big American and European companies. There are plenty of IT and accounting jobs available where salaries are well above the average and English is one of the two main languages alongside Bulgarian.

Jobs in Bulgaria

4. Do your homework

I cannot stress enough the importance of researching the company before applying for the job. This initial research would help you realise if you would be a good match for the company considering things like the company profile, culture, and employee initiatives on display on their website, online news, and other media. The next time you need to research the company well would be before your first interview. Among all other advantages, this will prove to the hiring manager and HR person that you really care about the prospects of joining the company and it would mean a great deal to you if you were offered the role.

5. Be confident and be yourself

One tip of advice from Aimee Eubanks Davis in this TED talk.