Mobile phone plans

The battle of the smooth operators A1, Vivacom, and Telenor

Bulgaria has three major mobile network providers A1, Vivacom, and Telenor. A1 is the leader with approximately 4 million active subscribers, while both Vivacom and Telenor have about 3 million each.

Vivacom was the first in Bulgaria to launch 5G network in the 27 district centers of the country in September 2020. Their 4G network is covering 99% of the country’s population. By the beginning of June 2020, full coverage is available in 2200 locations, including the 44 largest cities across the country. A1 mobile 4G network covers 99.43% of the population of Bulgaria.

All three of them offer both pre-paid sim cards, as well as monthly plans with a contract for 1 or 2 years.

The longer 2-year contract comes with a cheaper monthly plan. For example, A1 1-year contract is 26.99 BGN a month for 1000 min and 500 MB of data, while their 2-year contract for the same price includes 2000 min and 4500 MB of data.

Pre-paid sim cards come with lots of terms and conditions. The card itself has a validity of 365 days. The credit on the account has a validity of 60 days and the minutes and MBs purchased have a validity of between 14 and 28 days.

All providers are trying to encourage customers to pay their bills online by offering them money off their bill, for example, 1 BGN monthly discount or an additional 500 MB of data.

Monthly plan with a 24-month contract (2 years)

  • Telenor Total + for 13.99 BGN per month includes 200 min and 200 MB of data
  • A1 One for 22.99 BGN per month includes 1200 min and 1500 MB of data

Pre-paid sim card (pay as you go)

  • Vivacom 8 BGN comes with 3 BGN credit plus 400 min and 6000 MB of data. Future top-ups of 10 BGN would secure 200 min and 1000 MB of data.