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Do you plan a home improvement or fancy a garden upgrade? These 5 retailers have all you need for your next DIY project. Tools and materials from well-known brands are on offer.

I am a bit of a DIY enthusiast myself as well as a novice gardener. I often watch YouTube videos to learn new tips and tricks and I like to get advice from friends and family. As you know doing some of the work by myself would save me a fortune. Trades people in Bulgaria have become very expensive in recent times.

The other side of the coin is with builders you never know what sort of service you are going to get. I have mix experience to say the least. Most trades people I have worked with have done an average job for a better than average price. 9 out of 10 leave mess behind and 10 out 10 have not issued proper billing document or a detailed project quote in advance.

Proper planning is a key stage of every DIY project. And step number 1 is sourcing the required tools and materials. If you are doing your home improvement on a budget, please refer to our Move2Bulgaria price tracker at the end of the article.

DIY retailers in Bulgaria


Praktiker is part of the DIY retail landscape in Bulgaria since 2004. The business has opened 17 stores to date across the whole country. It is the largest retailer in Bulgaria both in terms of sales and profitability, employing over 1300 staff.

Mr. Bricolage

Mr. Bricolage in Bulgaria operates under the partnership and licencing agreements with the French retailer Mr. Bricolage SA. They currently serve customers from 13 stores in total.


Temax was established back in 2008. Today they are present in 18 cities across the country. The chain employs over 750 staff.


Praktis is number 4 on our list. They began operations in 2005 and today they have 7 hypermarkets in total.


Masterhaus opens its first store in 2002 in Burgas. They have 5 stores in total, 3 of which are seaside locations (Burgas, Primorsko and Nesebar).

Delivery Terms and Conditions

Praktiker purchases for over 200 BGN qualify for free transport within the city from which the goods were purchased. Transport outside the city is paid at a preferential price of 1 BGN per km.

Mr.Bricolage offers free transport for orders over 1000 BGN.

Temax orders over 400 BGN, qualify for free delivery if your location is within 50 km radius from one of their shops.

Praktis customers qualify for free transport, one needs to make purchases worth over BGN 1500, for a drop-off up to 20 km from the city or alternatively purchases worth over BGN 800 and delivery within the city from which the goods were purchased.

Masterhaus specifies only certain products qualify for free delivery, while others have a status “free delivery for orders over 100 BGN” or “free delivery for orders over 500 BGN”.

Additional services available

Praktiker offers 3D design service for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, there is wood cutting to measure, and tinting paints to a desired colour.

Mr. Bricolage offers the following services: Cutting wood, MDF and chipboards to size free of charge (if purchased from the retailer); Tinting paints to a preferred colour. As well as curtains made to measure.

Praktis has tools for hire at https://praktis.bg/mashini-pod-naem. As well as, 3D design service for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to paint mixing and tinting, they offer a huge catalogue of over 50,000 colours.

Promo catalogue / online brochure

Praktiker promo catalogue is out every three weeks. In addition, online offers available on selected items (not in the catalogue) >> https://ad.praktiker.bg/broshuraPraktiker/#page=0

Mr. Bricolage >> https://mr-bricolage.bg/broshura

Temax >> https://temax.bg/online-promocii

Praktis >> https://bit.ly/2WXRXsO

Masterhaus (has a monthly edition) >> https://www.masterhaus.bg/bg/brochures

Online shopping

Praktis offers 15% off for your first online order, after you register on their website.

Register for Masterhaus newsletter and get 5% off, valid for 30 days from the date of registration. Loyalty card and 5% discount is available to those of your who prefer shopping from their bricks-and- mortar stores (excludes their online store)

Location, location, location

Valid as of 23/04/2024

DIY Price tracker

Whether its tools or materials you need, we have got you covered. Find the cheapest circular saw, drill, or spade in one of the top 5 DIY retailers. Prices below are in BGN, and valid for the 2nd of May 2024.


Price tracker

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