Local taxes

The tax campaign for the collection of 2021 local taxes and fees has already begun.

Payments can be made in cash at the local tax department for your respective municipality, by bank transfer, at a virtual POS terminal, as well as at any of the Easy Pay offices.

Residents can take advantage of a 5% discount if they pay the full amount of the tax that is due by the 30th of April this year.

According to Bulgarian law, property tax, vehicle tax, and municipal waste tax can be paid in two installments. The first installment is due by the 30th of June and the second installment is due by the 31st of October.

If the property is your sole and main residence you are going to get a 50% discount on the tax that is due.

The payment of patent tax (also known as license tax) is done in four installments and is due on:

  • 31st of January for the first quarter
  • 30th of April for the second quarter
  • 31st of July for the third quarter
  • 31st of October for the final quarter.

Tax calculator for cars

Owners can find out what tax is due on their vehicle. You would need to enter your city of residence, your municipality, and the age of your vehicle. Finally, fill in the power of your engine in kW and press “calculate”. Tip: if you cannot read in Bulgarian you can always use Google translate in Chrome.


Access your tax record online

Check and pay municipality taxes online. There are two ways to log in. The second option requires an electronic signature such as the widely recognised B-Trust. The more common way to access your online account is using a combination of your personal number (from the residence card) and a PIN number issued by your municipality. You can obtain one for free by visiting your local tax department.

Veliko Tarnovo https://www.veliko-tarnovo.bg/

Gabrovo https://gabrovo.imeon.bg/

Ruse https://ruse.imeon.bg/

Varna https://mdt.varna.bg/