Car insurance

Car insurance varies according to the engine capacity and the driver’s age and experience, on average you should be planning to spend in the region of 270 BGN. You might prefer to spread this cost over quarterly installments. Compare the market-leading insurance providers on the SDI.bg website.

Road tax or vignettes

One-off payment to access state highways and A-class roads. At present (2021) this is 97 BGN for 12 months. Or 54 BGN for 3 months.

Annual technical inspection

This annual car check is carried out by qualified service stations. It would set you back between 40 BGN and 50 BGN. On the day of the inspection, you need to bring along the car’s small and large coupons and evidence of vehicle tax paid.

First aid kit

Drivers in Bulgaria must carry a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and triangle in the boot of their car at all times. They can be purchased online for about 30 BGN.

Dial 112 for emergency services

Monthly fuel price tracker

As of July 2022, drivers could benefit from 0.25 BGN discount a litre on petrol and diesel. Show your small car registration certificate as proof. Petrol stations may choose not to participate, so check before you fill up the tank.

There is a choice of petrol stations ranging from the Austrian-owned “OMV” to the Russian-owned “Lukoil”, Greek-owned “Eko” or Romanian-owned “Rompertrol”.

Price per litre in BGN Aug 21 Apr 22 Jul 22
Petrol 95 2.25 2.94 3.41
Diesel 2.25 3.03 3.55

DKV interactive petrol stations map

Find the cheapest fuel in your local area. Type in your address in the search area at the top and sort the petrol stations by fuel price, cheapest first!

Loyalty cards

Both OMV and Lukoil offer their customers loyalty programs with discounts on their range of fuels.

OMV Save&Drive card with a barcode can be obtained from any of their petrol stations. The card is only active after quick online registration. Once registered, customers can benefit from a 0.04 BGN discount per litre on their regular petrol/diesel or a 0.07 BGN discount per litre on their premium range MaxxMotion. There is a 10% discount on their popular coffee range.

Lukoil Club also comes with a loyalty card. You need to register either in a petrol station or online and use the card every time you pay for your fuel in one of their petrol stations. The discount per liter is 0.05 BGN for petrol/ diesel or 0.03 BGN for LPG.

SDI Broker is a one-stop-shop for all your home, car, and health insurance. Their offices are placed throughout the country in convenient locations. SDI has recently introduced a loyalty card scheme offering discounts to many of its partner services. For example, drivers benefit from a 0.07 BGN discount per litre in EKO petrol stations.

Read our guide “How to register a car”

Purchase vignettes online https://web.bgtoll.bg