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Public body: National Revenue Agency


National Revenue Agency (NRA)

The NRA administers taxes and social security contributions in Bulgaria.

Personal identification code (PIC)

Individuals who want to access NRA services online would need to obtain a personal identification code (PIC). Applications can be done via a secure electronic service ( courtesy of the Bulgarian e-Government Agency. The applicant is asked to provide a mandatory e-mail address for correspondence, as well as a preferred location of an NRA office where he/she will receive their PIC. For security reasons, the code is given only in person to the applicant or a person authorized by him/her with a power of attorney.

Online services available

NRA’s PIC can be used for both the e-services of the Agency, as well as e-services provided by other administrations, including the NSSI, the National Health Insurance Fund, the Employment Agency, the Registry Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, over 60 municipalities, including Sofia and others. The total number of e-services of the NRA, available with a PIC, exceeds 35. These include the submission of tax and social security declarations, reports on tax due with the possibility of payment, including local taxes and fees, reports on income paid, insurance income, payments made and debts repaid with them, the current status of employment contracts, submission of applications and receipt of certificates, etc.

The 2024 tax campaign is now on

Online access is available from the 10th of January. Starting in March, there will also be a prefilled tax return form. 2022 income, such as wages, income from civil contracts, and income from rent, will automatically flow through individual online forms.

Key deadlines

File your return and pay any outstanding amounts by the 31st of March and you will benefit from a 5% discount.

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