Village: STARO ZHELEZARE | Region: South Central | Distance to Plovdiv: 39 km
Place of nature: Stara planina mountain | Sites: Ethnographic museum

“House of Traditions” – ethnographic museum

The museum is located in the village. The exhibits are composed of thematic areas, the most important of which are “The Bread” and “The Wedding”. The life and history of the local community are traced through the years. There are also places where visitors can grind red pepper and spices or spin wool with a hook and a spindle in the “homework” corner. The rich collection of authentic costumes, aprons, and wedding rings reveals the colors of the local Thracian costume. The rites and rituals characteristic of this region are also shown, as well as some amulets and charms used in ancient times. The museum has a tiny shop where handmade clothes, socks, and souvenirs are sold.

Staro Zhelezare was featured on You Tube thanks to Lora.