Service: Electricity

Region: North West and South West

City: Blagoevgrad, Lovech, Sofia, and Vratsa

Address: blvd. "Tzarigradsko shose" 159, Sofia 1784
Phone: +35970010010
Website: https://www.cez.bg/bg/za-klienta.html

CEZ Group combines electricity generation and distribution to end-user.

All CEZ customers receive bills containing full information both about the electricity meter readings and the deadlines for payment of the amounts due and about the periods during which their electricity meters will be read.

Each customer has a unique customer number. It consists of 12 digits and is used for identification. It is always written on your electricity bill and on the receipt.

Electricity Price including VAT, valid until September 2020:

  • Day tariff 0.2288 BGN per kWh
  • Night tariff 0.1319 BGN per kWh

Your CEZ bill can be paid online:

  • Internet banking – to CEZ Citibank or ING Bank accounts
  • Or via Epay website

Anyone who registers for an electronic invoice between 01.03.2021 and 31.05.2021 will take part in CEZ competition with a chance to win one of the following: 13 free electricity bills, smartwatch, smartphone, or a coffee machine.