Service: Gas

Region: North Central, North East, South Central, South East, and South West

City: Burgas, Pazardjhik, Sofia, Varna, and Veliko Tarnovo

Address: ul. "Filip Kutev" 5, Sofia 1407
Phone: +35970011110
Website: https://www.overgas.bg/moyat-overgas/

Overgas, a Bulgarian company founded in 1991, is the largest private gas supplier in the country. They supply to over 60 000 households and 3 000 businesses.

If you dial their information phone 0700 11 110 you can get up-to-date information on whether your home is located on an existing network or there is a plan to build one. The price for connecting to the established network is regulated by the state.

  1. Application to connect to the gas distribution network is done by visiting one of their customer centers.
  2.  On the basis of this application, Overgas would carry a technical assessment for a possible connection.
  3.  A contract for connection to the gas network is concluded.