Village: MARYAN | Region: North Central | Distance to Veliko Tarnovo: 46 km
Place of nature: Stara planina mountain | Sites: Winery

The village of Maryan is located about 8 km east of the town of Elena. It is situated between the Rivers Borovshtitsa and Burzitca, 300 m above sea level. The village is surrounded by hills from the East, North, and West.

Monastery School in the village existed once back in 1835 when a church was built. A local community center “Science” was founded in 1900. In 1953, a children’s music school was opened at the Community Center. More recently an international ballet course is organized, every August, taking place in the community center, as well as in neighboring villages. The course is aimed at children of different ages and different nationalities and ends with a festive evening and Gala Concert. The village annual festival takes place every year on 19 August.