Town: PERUSHTITSA | Region: South Central | Distance to Plovdiv: 24 km
Place of nature: Rodopi mountain | Sites: Thracian temple

Perushtitsa is located at the northern foot of “Varhovrah” and part of the Rhodope Mountains. Named after Perestitsa – a fortified place that has existed since the Middle Ages. The fortress played a part in protecting the borders of the second Bulgarian kingdom.

In Perushtitsa there are also traces of Roman and Thracian civilizations. Ages before the arrival of the Romans, the Thracians have created their own village around the “karst spring” in the former district Pastusha.

The centerpiece of the lives and livelihoods of Perushtitsa is viticulture and wine-making.

The “Red church” is a famous Christian Basilica Church near Perushtitsa built around 5 century AD. This church and one in Nesebar are the only two early Christian sites remaining on the Balkan peninsula.