At some point in our lives, will all reach crossroads, where we will have to take an important decision.

Do we carry on the “well-established” path we are so used to? Or do we try something different and adventurous that will help us fulfill our dream of a better future?

Taking the decision is an easy step. Planning your move and following up with the rest of it is the difficult part. This is where helpful advice can go a long way. And a simple philosophy is “the better-prepared one is, the better their chances to succeed”. I would like all of us who make the move to Bulgaria to have no regrets later.

Now, back to the famous crossroad. We made the decision to turn away from the routine and the well-maintain motorway and instead take on this narrow country lane or even sometimes a dirt track. Believe me, the country roads in Bulgaria are not great.

Where does this new path take us? Well, the answer to this important question you will hopefully find here on our website. As well as, answers to a whole lot of other questions related to your move such as:

What budget would I need for the move?

Properties in rural Bulgaria are relatively cheap, so planning for your everyday expenses is what would make a difference in the long run.

Where in Bulgaria do I want to move to?

Starting your search for a place to call home can be a daunting task, so we shortlisted some villages and towns to help you get on the way.

Who else has been on a similar journey and done it all?

Find out more about other ex-pats already living in Bulgaria and what is their recipe for success.

Founder of Move2BulgariaMy name is Yordan and I will be your host during your visit to Move2Bulgaria.com

To satisfy the more curious of you I was born and raised in Bulgaria, Sofia. And Sofia is the place I still go back to, to see my family. I spent many of my school summer holidays in the countryside near a city called Pazardjik, where I was helping my grandparents to grow their own produce and look after their smallholding.

Back in 2011, I moved to the UK in search of international experience. Now with my two feet in the 21st century and the hectic routine of life in the UK, I set my heart and mind on a move back home.

My background is in accounting, so where my experience could come in handy when it comes to budgeting, cost planning, finances, and dealing with local authorities. I hear you say “all the boring subjects” and you are probably right.

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For now, best of luck, and stay safe!

Yordan Deliradev

Founder of Move2Bulgaria.com