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Rightmove is a leader in the online search for Bulgarian properties

Rightmove is a recognised and trusted company in the UK. Furthermore, the site offers an easy-to-use property search engine. There are Bulgarian estate agents who market each one of the houses. Their main focus is on foreign buyers.

Buyers can set up an online account with Rightmove and sign-up to receive weekly email notifications for properties matching specified search criteria. We review and analyse pricing data from Rightmove and give you free insights from the property market in Bulgaria.

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Mirela, established in 1991, operates from 8 locations and 17 offices

Mirela estate agent offers their customers 25 years of experience in the property market. They win over their competitors with their “Mirela OK” service. The estate agents are happy to match prices and rent if their customers can find the same property cheaper elsewhere. Mirela also provides free of charge database of historic property prices based on deals they have concluded since 2002.

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Address, established in 1993, operates from 27 locations and 57 offices

Address is the largest estate agent in Bulgaria. They primarily serve the local market and their website is not available in English. Address is also the first one to introduce a property search mobile application, however, it only currently covers the 4 biggest cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas.

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Move2Bulgaria now offers a “research before you buy” service exclusively for the North West region of Bulgaria.

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