Safeguarding the future of the Bulgarian walnut tree

This month at the peak of summer we met with Jonathan. He is passionate about his walnut nursery in the north of Bulgaria. It is inspiring what he and his wife have achieved in a short period of time. Here is a bit more from the man himself.

Little introduction

Well, I’m Jonathan from Hanover, Germany. Before I came to Bulgaria, I finished two international-oriented Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, which brought me from Germany to all the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) as well as to New Zealand and Australia. Furthermore, I gathered working experiences in South Africa. Looking back, the work with disabled kids in South Africa gave me the most sustainable push in life, as it made me realize what great present life is, if you have a positive attitude towards life, no matter what the outside circumstances.

How long have you been in Bulgaria?

Since December 2010.

Why choosing Bulgaria over other countries?

I found work here.

What were your biggest challenges related to the move?

I had no idea about Bulgaria. I traveled the world and never thought about moving to Bulgaria. It was just a job I got and as I have always been excited to see new places, Bulgaria was just somewhere new to visit and explore. Until I fell in love with the country and its people and decided with my wife to stay here for good.

The language was definitely the most challenging and at the same time the most crucial to integrate into Bulgarian society.

How did you choose the area where to settle?

Besides my previous job, we were looking to buy land to establish a walnut nursery and as we found a suitable property in Semerdzhievo near Ruse we settled in this beautiful region.

Tell us one thing you miss most about your home country.

My parents, family, and friends.

Tell us a bit more about your current business.

My wife, her brother, and I run a walnut nursery, graft the walnut trees and consult farmers in the establishment process of walnut orchards. And as this is manly winter work, we grow herbs and produce essential oils, floral waters, and base oils from the plants we grow in summer. So we are very happy to be able to work with the fertile soil in the region all year round.

If you could do one thing differently, what would that be?

Plant more trees.

What would your advice be for anyone considering a move to Bulgaria today?

To be willing to learn the language and face the difficulties, as well as bring a lot of patience. And be sure you will enjoy it. Come to Bulgaria and you will enjoy real freedom and hospitality!

If you want to learn more about Jonathan’s walnut nursery please visit